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Table 1 Experimental design

From: Induction of mycoplasmal pneumonia in experimentally infected pigs by means of different inoculation routes

Group name No. of animals Route of inoculation Inoculum
1st day of challenge (0 dpi) 2nd day of challenge (1 dpi)
Control 2 Endotracheal 5 mL PBS 5 mL PBS
2 Intranasal
2 Aerosol
ET 8 Endotracheal 5 mL M. hyopneumoniae fresh culture 5 mL M. hyopneumoniae fresh culture
IN 8 Intranasal
AE 8 Aerosol
  1. The inoculation took place in 2 consecutive days (0 and 1 dpi). All pigs were euthanized at 4 weeks after the first inoculation (28 dpi).