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Table 3 Parameters of the airborne transmission.

From: Spread of Coxiella burnetii between dairy cattle herds in an enzootic region: modelling contributions of airborne transmission and trade

Parameter Definition Estimation Unit
g Gravitational acceleration 9.8 m s−2
z Height of plume generation 4 m
h Height of plume reception 4 m
η Dynamic viscosity of air 1.8 × 10−5 kg m−1 s−1
φ Density of particles 1150 [42] kg m−3
r Radius of particle 10−6 a ma
W Deposition velocity 0.01 [27] m s−1
a y, a z Guifford–Pasquill stability 0.34, 0.27 [27] m(1−b)
b y, b z Class “C” stability parameters 0.82, 0.82 [27]  
  1. a Approximated from [43].