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Table 1 Parameters of the intra-herd infection dynamics for a dairy cattle herd (adapted from [23]).

From: Spread of Coxiella burnetii between dairy cattle herds in an enzootic region: modelling contributions of airborne transmission and trade

Parameter Definition Value
m Transition probability I S 0.7
q Transition probability I I + 0.02
pIp Proportion of cows going from I to I + and becoming I milk pers 0.5
r1 Transition probability I C + 0.2
r2 Transition probability I milk pers C + 0.02
s Transition probability C + I + 0.15
τ Transition probability C + C 0.0096
μ Proportion of bacteria eliminated due to death and plume generation (can be written as \(\mu_{death} + \mu_{plume source}\)) 0.2
p Infection probability 1−e E
ρ m/f Proportion of bacteria shed through mucus/faeces filling the environment compartment 0.28
ρ m Proportion of bacteria shed through milk filling the environment compartment 0.125ρ m/f