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Table 2 In vitro efficacies of the compounds used in this study

From: Repurposing of antiparasitic drugs: the hydroxy-naphthoquinone buparvaquone inhibits vertical transmission in the pregnant neosporosis mouse model

Compound IC50 Nc IC50 HFF Reference
Artemiside 346 (308–388) >5000 This work
Artemisone 3 (1–13) >5000 [16]
Buparvaquone 4.9 (4.0–5.9) >5000 [30]
Mefloquine 941 (775–1141) 3643 (3062–4335) This work
  1. Human foreskin fibroblasts (HFF) were grown to confluence in 96-well-plates, treated with the compounds at various concentrations or with DMSO as a solvent control, and after 3 days viability was measured using the Alamar blue assay. To determine the inhibition of N. caninum (Nc) tachyzoite proliferation (Nc), HFF monolayers were infected with Nc-beta-gal tachyzoites (103 per well). After 3 days, beta-galactosidase activity was determined. IC50 values (inhibitory concentration of 50% of the solvent control value) were calculated as described [16] and are given in nM (with 95% confidence intervals).