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Table 1 Overview of animal experiments presented in this study

From: Repurposing of antiparasitic drugs: the hydroxy-naphthoquinone buparvaquone inhibits vertical transmission in the pregnant neosporosis mouse model

  Exp I Exp II
Gender Males Females
Groups 4, 6 mice per group 3, 16 mice per group
Mating No Yes
Challenge Nc-Spain 7 (105) Nc-Spain 7 (105), 7 days post mating
Treatment ARI, ARO, MEF, placebo; days 2–7 pi BPQ, placebo; days 2–7 pi
Euthanasia 21 days pi non-pregnant: 21 days pi dams: 30 days after birth, i.e., 44 days pi
Parameters N. caninum load in brains and lungs, serum titer Number of pups, N. caninum brain load, serum titer
  1. Balb/c mice were used throughout the experiment, either males for an in vivo pre-test of artemiside, artemisone or mefloquine (ARI, ARO, MEF; Exp I), or females for assessing the effectiveness of buparvaquone (BPQ) in a pregnant mouse model (Exp. II). pi, post infection with 105 NcSpain7 tachyzoites.