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Table 2 Features of the strain. E. coli 912.

From: Apramycin treatment affects selection and spread of a multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli strain able to colonize the human gut in the intestinal microbiota of pigs

Strain used in this study R-genes (phenotype) V-genes (phenotype) Plasmids MLST-type Serotype
E. coli 912 bla TEM-1 (β-lactams) aac(3)-IV (aminoglycoside) aph4 (aminoglycoside) strA/B (aminoglycoside) sul-2 (sulphonamide) tetX (tetracycline) mchB (microcin) mchC (microcin) mchF (microcin mcmA (microcin) iroN (siderophore) tsh (serin protease autotransporter) cnf1 (toxin) lpfA (fimbrae) prfB (fimbrae) iss (increased serum survival) IncFII IncFIB ST101 011:H12