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Table 1 Grouping of sows at different stages of PEDV infection.

From: Evaluation of humoral immune status in porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) infected sows under field conditions

Groups No. of sows PEDV infection Status Abbreviation
1 6 Mock Primiparous Mock-PP
2 6 Mock Multiparous Mock-MP
3 6 1 month post-infection Primiparous 1 m PI-PP
4 6 1 month post-infection Multiparous 1 m PI-MP
5 6 6 months post-infection Primiparous 6 m PI-PP
6 6 6 months post-infection Multiparous 6 m PI-MP
  1. A total of 36 sows from three different swine breeding farms located in the Mid-Eastern part of the US, having a clear PEDV infection history (uninfected, 1 month or 6 months post-infected) were selected, and six sows each from primiparous and multiparous groups were transported to a slaughter plant in Ohio. Clinical samples such as blood (plasma), oral fluid, and feces, and tissues of ileum, mesenteric lymph nodes, and spleen were collected on the day of necropsy.