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Table 1 Variant amino acids encoded by WNV lineage 2 genome sequences of Hun2004, Aus2008 and Gr2011

From: Evaluation of the pathogenicity of West Nile virus (WNV) lineage 2 strains in a SPF chicken model of infection: NS3-249Pro mutation is neither sufficient nor necessary for conferring virulence

Genome sequence name (Genbank accession number) Mature peptide
Amino acid position in mature peptide (Amino acid position in polyprotein)
E NS1 NS2a NS2b NS3 NS4b NS5
88 (378) 69 (860) 1 (1140) 119 (1493) 249 (1754) 14 (2287) 49 (2322) 113 (2386) 25 (2554)
Hun2004 (DQ116961) Ser Gly His Val His Ser Thr Val Ala
Aus2008 (KF179640) Pro Glu Tyr Val His Ser Thr Val Thr
Gr2011 (JN398476) Pro Glu Tyr Ile Pro Gly Ala Met Thr
  1. Residues that are unique to Gr2011 when compared to Hun2004 and Aus2008 are italicized. (Adapted from [19, 46] and from a personal communication from Sylvie Lecollinet and Céline Bahuon (Anses))