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Table 1 Comparison of reproductive-cycle parameters in women, non-human primates, minipigs and mice

From: A review of the human vs. porcine female genital tract and associated immune system in the perspective of using minipigs as a model of human genital Chlamydia infection

  Women (menstrual) [25,87] Non-humane primates (menstrual) [88,89] Minipigs (estrous) [11,20,90] Mice (estrous) [84,91]
Cyclicity Continuous cycling Baboons: continuous cycling in captivity Rhesus Macaque: seasonal poly-oestral. Continuous cycling Continuous cycling
Age of sexual maturity 12.9 years 3 years 4–6 months 6–8 weeks
Length of cycle 28 days 28–33 days (highly variable) 19–21 days 3–5 days (highly variable)
Follicular/luteal phase 10–14 days/12–15 days 8 days/19 days 5–6 days/15–17 days 2 days/2–3 days
Luteolysis inducer Ovarian PGF Ovarian PGF Uterine PGF Uterine PGF
Endometrial sloughing/menstruation Yes Yes No No