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Figure 5

From: Extracellular cyclophilin A possesses chemotaxic activity in cattle

Figure 5

rbCyPA-mediated chemotactic activity was inhibited by the use of anti-bovine CyPA antibody. A Rabbit anti-bovine CyPA polyclonal antibodies were generated by immunization with rbCyPA. Serum was collected both before the first immunization (arrow) and after the final booster (red arrow) to obtain the control and anti-bovine CyPA antibodies, respectively. Bovine CyPA-specific antibody titers were measured by ELISA. SC: subcutaneous injection, IV: intravenous injection. B and C Chemotactic analysis was performed after pre-treatment with 100 ng/mL of rbCyPA with 100 μg/mL of either the anti-bovine CyPA antibody or control antibody. rbCyPA-mediated chemotactic activity was inhibited by pre-treatment with anti-bovine CyPA antibody (not control antibody). B 1: no rbCyPA + no antibody, 2: 100 ng/mL of rbCyPA + no antibody, 3: 100 ng/mL of rbCyPA + 100 μg/mL of anti-bovine CyPA antibody, 4: 100 ng/mL of rbCyPA + 100 μg/mL of control antibody. C Three separate experiments were performed and one representative result is shown. Values with different letters are statistically different (p < 0.01).

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