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Figure 4

From: Extracellular cyclophilin A possesses chemotaxic activity in cattle

Figure 4

rbCyPA possesses chemotactic activity. A Granulocytes were purified by centrifugation with Lympholyte-H and the purification was confirmed by staining with anti-granulocyte antibody. B Chemotactic analysis with several different concentration of rbCyPA was performed. Granulocytes migrating toward rbCyPA are shown. 1: 0 ng/mL, 2: 30 ng/mL, 3: 50 ng/mL, 4: 100 ng/mL, 5: 300 ng/mL, 6: 500 ng/mL of rbCyPA. C Chemotactic activity was evaluated by counting of granulocytes that migrated toward rbCyPA. Three separate experiments were performed and one representative result is shown. Values with different letters are statistically different (p < 0.01).

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