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Table 2 Molecular genetic background of genome regions important for viral replication

From: Differential replication properties among H9N2 avian influenza viruses of Eurasian origin

Virus HA cleavage site Right pocket 146−150 Left pocket 232−237 NA stalk deletion NS1-C domain M2 blocker
26 27 30 31 34
A/chicken/Bangladesh/ VP01/2006 PAKSSR*GLF GTSKS NGLIGR No KSEV L V A S G
A/turkey/Germany/R869/2012 PAASGR*GLF GTSKA NGQQGR No ESEV L V A S G
A/chicken/Saudi Arabia/R61/2002 PARSSR*GLF GTSKS NGQQGR No EPEV L V A S G
A/chicken/Dubai/ F5/2013 HARSSR*GLF GTSKS NGLIGR No GSEV L V A N G