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Table 1 Statistics of field studies

From: Differences in intermittent and continuous fecal shedding patterns between natural and experimental Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis infections in cattle

  Number of cows Number of samples Fraction of positive cows Fraction of high shedders Risk per day Fraction of positive samples
Study 1 1028 4259 0.586576 0.003891 0.000006 0.012235
Study 2 695 2692 0.726619 0.002878 0.00005 0.027256
Study 3 1072 6112 0.991604 0.182836 0.0002 0.12309
  1. First column is number of different cows, followed by Total number of samples. The following column is the fraction of cows that were ever positive, and the fraction of cows that were ever high shedders. The following columns are the risk per day of becoming high shedder for any cow, and the fraction of all samples that were positive.