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Table 1 Main features of characterised strains identified in this study [4,6]

From: Incubation of ovine scrapie with environmental matrix results in biological and biochemical changes of PrPSc over time

   Main PrP Sc characteristics
Strain Incubation period (IP)* Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Western blot
G338 78 ± 6 Granular deposits mainly in brain stem and thalamus 21 KDa
P338 153 ± 8 Punctate and intraneuronal deposits mainly in brain stem and thalamus 19 KDa
Apl338ii 249 ± 59 Aggregates and plaques. Midbrain is most affected area 21 KDa
  1. *Incubation period (IP) values denote mean ± SD and indicate days post inoculation (dpi) after three serial passages. At first passage IP values of certain strains such as Apl338 may be prolonged [6]. G338 is an exceptional strain as shorter IP values can be observed at primary passage [21] with serial passages resulting in IP prolongation by approximately 12 dpi.
  2. Western blot values refer to the molecular mass of the unglycosylated band. Absolute values may differ depending on the western blot conditions. However, the P338 unglycosylated band always migrates further indicating a 2 KDa lower molecular mass compared to G338 and Apl338ii.