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Table 2 Associations between cytokine levels and viral load in serum and tissues following PRRSv infection in pregnant gilts

From: Cytokine profiles in pregnant gilts experimentally infected with porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus and relationships with viral load and fetal outcome

PRRSv RNA concentration (log10/μL or mg) Serum cytokine levels (AUC) PMA/Iono supernatant (AUC)
Serum (AUC) P = 0.003 P < 0.001 ns ns
β = 0.002134 β = 0.000104
Lung ns P = 0.010 ns ns
β = 0.000010
Tonsil P = 0.016 ns P < 0.001 ns
β = 0.000185 β = −0.000115
Repro LN ns ns ns P = 0.002
β = −0.0000004
  1. The associations between cytokine levels over time (represented as area under curve (AUC)) and viral load in gilt serum and tissues are presented. P-values (regression coefficients, β) were obtained by univariate, multilevel mixed-effects regression models. Only analytes that were found to be significantly associated with viral load in either serum or any of the tested tissues are included. No association was found among cytokines in supernatants of PRRSv stimulated PBMC and viral load. Repro LN = reproductive lymph node. PMA/Iono supernatant AUC = AUC of IFNγ levels secreted from PMA/Iono stimulated PBMC from PRRSv infected gilts. ns = not significant (P > 0.01).