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Table 1 Standards, capture and detection antibodies used by FMIA and ELISA

From: Cytokine profiles in pregnant gilts experimentally infected with porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus and relationships with viral load and fetal outcome

Cytokine (bead region) Standard (source) Capture Ab (source) Detection Ab (source)
IL1β (26) DY681, part 841042 (RD) DY681, part 841040 (RD) BAF 681 (RD)
IL8 (27) SD061 (L) MCA1660 (C) MAB5351 (RD)
CCL2 (53) RP0017S-025 (C) Anti-poCCL2 clone 5–2 (Lu) Anti-poCCL2 clone 18–1 (Lu)
IFNα (45) 17105-1 (C) GTX11408 (GT) 27105-1 (C)
IL10 (28) CSC0103, part SD064 (L) ASC0104 (L) ASC9109 (L)
IL12 (36) DY912, part 841099 (RD) MA0413S-500 (C) BAM9122 (RD)
IL4 (34) CSC1283, part 5S.128.10 (L) CSC1283, part 5S.128.09 (L) ASC0849 (L)
IFNγ (ELISA) CSC4033, part SD066 (L) CSC4033, part ASC4934D (L) CSC4033, part ASC4839D (L)
  1. (RD) R&D Systems, Minneapolis, MN, USA; (L) Life technologies, Burlington, ON, Canada; (C) Cedarlane, Burlington, ON, Canada; (GT) GeneTex, Irvine, CA, USA; (Lu) Lunney lab, Beltsville, MD, USA (Lunney et al., manuscript in preparation).