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Table 2 Amino acid sequence identity (up right) and similarity (down left) of the HA1 domain of the different H5 strains used for vaccines, challenge and/or HI test antigens

From: Immunogenicity and efficacy of fowlpox-vectored and inactivated avian influenza vaccines alone or in a prime-boost schedule in chickens with maternal antibodies

Identity → tk/Ire/83 H5N8 ck/Ind/03 H5N1 ck/Ita/98 H5N9 Vtn/04 H5N1 tk/Tur/05 H5N1 ck/WJ/07 H5N1
Similarity ↓
tk/Ire/83 H5N8   88.0% 91.4% 88.7% 88.7% 83.4%
ck/Ind/03 H5N1 94.8%   89.3% 96.6% 96.0% 92.9%
ck/Ita/98 H5N9 96.3% 94.5%   89.6% 89.3% 85.3%
Vtn/04 H5N1 95.1% 97.5% 93.9%   94.8% 92.0%
tk/Tur/05 H5N1 94.2% 98.2% 93.9% 97.6%   90.5%
ck/WJ/07 H5N1 91.1% 94.8% 91.7% 94.2% 94.2%  
  1. The HA gene of A/turkey/Ireland/1378/83 [H5N8] (tk/Ire/83 H5N8) and of A/chicken/Indonesia/7/2003 [H5N1 clade 2.1.1] (ck/Ind/03 H5N1) is inserted into the genome of fowlpox recombinant vFP89 and vFP2211, respectively. The A/chicken/Italy/22A/98 [H5N9] (ck/Ita/98 H5N9) is used in the inactivated inH5N9 vaccine. The NIBRG14 and NIBRG23 reverse genetics constructs contain the HA and NA genes from A/Vietnam/1194/2004 [H5N1 clade 1] (Vtn/04 H5N1) and from A/turkey/Turkey/1/2005 [H5N1 clade 2.2] (tk/Tur/05 H5N1), respectively. The A/chicken/West Java-Subang/29/2007 [H5N1 clade] (ck/WJ/07 H5N1) was used for the challenge in study 4.