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Figure 4

From: First identification of proteins involved in motility of Mycoplasma gallisepticum

Figure 4

Absence of MGC2 protein in gliding mutants. Immunoblot analysis of RCL1 (lane 1), motility mutants T932A (lane 2) and T932C (lane 3), and complemented mutants T932A::p5Hmgc (lane 4) and T932C::p5Hmgc (lane 5) with antibodies specific for MGC2 (A), GapA (B), and CrmA (C). No MGC2 was detected in T932A, and T932C weakly displayed a truncated MGC2′, while RCL1 and complemented mutants produced full-length MGC2. Immunoblot analysis of whole cell lysates of RCL1 and mgc2-complemented mutants T932A::p5Hmgc and T932C::p5Hmgc (D) after tryptic digest for 0 (T0), 40 (T1), and 90 min (T2); M, molecular weight marker.

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