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Figure 2

From: Detection of RHDV strains in the Iberian hare (Lepus granatensis): earliest evidence of rabbit lagovirus cross-species infection

Figure 2

Maximum Likelihood (ML) tree of the capsid gene VP60 for Lagovirus . Only bootstrap values ≥0.85 are shown. In order to facilitate visualization, major groups are collapsed, with the exception of the group containing the specimens analyzed in the study. The sequences retrieved from GenBank database for this analysis have the following accession numbers: KF494918, KF494921, KF494922, KF494924, KF494930, KF494932, KF494936, KF494943, KF494947, KF494950, KF494951, GU373618, EF558580, M67473, EU650679, EU003579, U49726, AF295785, U54983, FR823355, FJ212323, AF402614, EU003580, EF558579, JN851735, AF231353, DQ189078 (sequences from G2); AM085133, EF558576, EF558572, Y15424, EF558574, AJ535094, AJ535092, Y15426, X87607, FR823354, EF558577, EF558585, Y15441, EF558575, KC595270, AY928268, DQ189077 (sequences from G3-G5); AY523410, KF270630, AF258618, EU003582, DQ205345, DQ280493, AB300693, HM623309, EF558581, EU003578, EU003581, EF558583, EF558582, EF558584, JF412629 (RHDVa sequences); HE800529, FR819781, HE800532, HE800531, HE819400, HE800530, KC345612, JQ929052, KC345611 (RHDV2); Z32526, X98002, U09199, KC832838, KC832839, AM408588, AM933648, AM933649, AM933650, AM887765 (EBHSV sequences). RHDV sequences from Iberian hares appear in bold.

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