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Table 3 The 27 large-scale purified proteins

From: In silico prediction of Gallibacterium anatis pan-immunogens

Protein ID Description Form P/N ratioa Acc. no.
GtxA-Nc RTX toxin (first half part) Soluble 20.1*** FJ917356
Gab_0523 Outer membrane protein and related peptidoglycan-associated (lipo)proteins Soluble 7.9*** ERF78926.1
Gab_2156d F17-like fimbrial subunit Soluble 6.6*** ERF79559.1
Gab_0091 Outer membrane lipoprotein Insoluble 5.9*** ERF79624.1
Gab_2348 Outer membrane protein Insoluble 4.1*** ERF79081.1
FlfAd F17-like fimbrial subunit Soluble 2.5*** JX855927
Gab_1755 Outer membrane protein and related peptidoglycan-associated (lipo)proteins Insoluble 1.8*** ERF79542.1
Gab_1309 Membrane proteins related to metalloendopeptidases Soluble 1.7***b ERF77527.1
Gab_2312 Autotransporter adhesion Soluble 1.7***b ERF77433.1
GtxA-Cc RTX toxin (last half part) Insoluble 1.4*** FJ917356
Gab_1576 Outer membrane receptor for ferrienterochelin and colicins Insoluble 1.6* ERF78509.1
Gab_1654 Outer membrane phospholipase A Insoluble 1.3* ERF79322.1
Gab_2224 Outer membrane receptor proteins, mostly Fe transport Insoluble 1.3 ERF78217.1
Gab_2192 Outer membrane protein W Insoluble 1.2 ERF78317.1
Gab_1450 Opacity protein and related surface antigens Insoluble 1.2 ERF79004.1
Gab_0652 Organic solvent tolerance protein OstA Insoluble 1.2 ERF78644.1
Gab_1283 Long-chain fatty acid transport protein Insoluble 1.2 ERF77302.1
Gab_0047 Metal-dependent proteases with possible chaperone activity Soluble 1.0 ERF77629.1
Gab_1162 P pilus assembly protein, porin PapC Insoluble 1.0 ERF79423.1
Gab_1192 Surface lipoprotein Insoluble 1.0 ERF78832.1
Gab_1397 Outer membrane protein Insoluble 1.0 ERF79124.1
Gab_0925 Hypothetical protein Insoluble 1.0 ERF77284.1
Gab_0186 Membrane-bound lytic murein transglycosylase Insoluble 1.0 ERF78366.1
Gab_2304 Glycerophosphoryl diester phosphodiesterase Soluble 0.9 ERF77421.1
OmpCe Outer membrane protein (porin) Insoluble 0.9 KF160335
Gab_0572d F17-like fimbrial subunit Insoluble 0.9 ERF79277.1
Gab_1245 Hemolysin activation/secretion protein Insoluble 0.9 ERF78979.1
  1. aRatio between the mean antibody titer values (P = hyper-immune serum; N = pre-immune serum). Asterisks indicate statistically significant difference between the two groups (* = P < 0.05, *** P < 0.001).
  2. bProteins ranked within the Top20 of the G. anatis 12656–12 proteome by VacFinder®.
  3. cPreviously described in [35]. Due to the size of the protein it was cloned, expressed and purified as two halves.
  4. dPreviously described in [24].
  5. ePreviously described in [36].