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Table 2 The 42 proteins from G. anatis 12656–12 selected for cloning and expression

From: In silico prediction of Gallibacterium anatis pan-immunogens

Protein ID Description Mw (kDa) PSORTb prediction TMHMM prediction SignalP prediction Acc. no.
Gab_0001 Hypothetical protein 195.9 Outer membrane 0 No ERF78007.1
Gab_0047 Metal-dependent proteases with possible chaperone activity 36.5 Extracellular 0 No ERF77629.1
Gab_0087 Hypothetical protein 140.9 Extracellular 0 No ERF78219.1
Gab_0091 Outer membrane lipoprotein 15.3 Unknown 0 Yes ERF79624.1
Gab_0151a RTX toxins and related Ca2 + −binding proteins 216.4 Extracellular 0 No FJ917356
Gab_0178 Predicted secreted acid phosphatase 30.5 Unknown 0 Yes ERF78374.1
Gab_0186 Membrane-bound lytic murein transglycosylase 39.9 Unknown 0 Yes ERF78366.1
Gab_0337 Autotransporter adhesin 142.3 Extracellular 0 No ERF78595.1
Gab_0523 Outer membrane protein and related peptidoglycan-associated (lipo)proteins 16.4 Outer membrane 0 Yes ERF78926.1
Gab_0572b F17-like fimbrial subunit 19.1 Extracellular 0 Yes ERF79277.1
Gab_0574 P pilus assembly protein, porin PapC 94.2 Outer membrane 0 Yes ERF79276.1
Gab_0602 Outer membrane protein 47.8 Outer membrane 0 Yes ERF78505.1
Gab_0652 Organic solvent tolerance protein OstA 90.1 Outer membrane 0 Yes ERF78644.1
Gab_0661 Small protein A (tmRNA-binding) 16 Unknown 0 Yes ERF78651.1
Gab_0925 Hypothetical protein 85.2 Outer membrane and/or extracellular 0 Yes ERF77284.1
Gab_0999 Rare lipoprotein B 18.2 Unknown 1 Yes ERF79357.1
Gab_1008 Type II secretory pathway, component HofQ 42.1 Outer membrane 0 No ERF79423.1
Gab_1162 P pilus assembly protein, porin PapC 93.8 Outer membrane 0 Yes ERF78846.1
Gab_1164b F17-like fimbrial subunit 20.5 Extracellular 0 Yes JX855927
Gab_1192 Surface lipoprotein 28 Cytoplasmic membrane 0 Yes ERF78832.1
Gab_1245 Hemolysin activation/secretion protein 67.8 Outer membrane 1 Yes ERF78979.1
Gab_1283 Long-chain fatty acid transport protein 48.8 Outer membrane 0 Yes ERF77302.1
Gab_1309 Membrane proteins related to metalloendopeptidases 42.7 Unknown 0 Yes ERF77527.1
Gab_1396 Uncharacterized protein conserved in bacteria 146.6 Outer membrane 1 No ERF79175.1
Gab_1397 Outer membrane protein 65.9 Outer membrane 0 Yes ERF79124.1
Gab_1399 Membrane-bound metallopeptidase 47.2 Outer membrane and/or extracellular 0 Yes ERF79126.1
Gab_1450 Opacity protein and related surface antigens 23.1 Outer membrane 1 Yes ERF79004.1
Gab_1576 Outer membrane receptor for ferrienterochelin and colicins 23.4 Outer membrane 0 No ERF78509.1
Gab_1631 Cell envelope opacity-associated protein A 43.9 Extracellular 1 No ERF79417.1
Gab_1654 Outer membrane phospholipase A 32.4 Outer membrane 1 Yes ERF79322.1
Gab_1755 Outer membrane protein and related peptidoglycan-associated (lipo)proteins 27.9 Outer membrane 0 Yes ERF79542.1
Gab_2087 Outer membrane protein 51 Outer membrane 0 Yes ERF78059.1
Gab_2124c Outer membrane protein (porin) 41.1 Outer membrane 0 Yes KF160335
Gab_2156b F17-like fimbrial subunit 20.7 Extracellular 0 Yes ERF79559.1
Gab_2158 P pilus assembly protein, porin PapC 90.6 Outer membrane 0 Yes ERF79560.1
Gab_2192 Outer membrane protein W 25.7 Outer membrane 0 Yes ERF78317.1
Gab_2224 Outer membrane receptor proteins, mostly Fe transport 81 Outer membrane 0 Yes ERF78217.1
Gab_2274 Outer membrane receptor proteins, mostly Fe transport 74 Outer membrane 0 Yes ERF77464.1
Gab_2304 Glycerophosphoryl diester phosphodiesterase 41.6 Unknown 0 Yes ERF77421.1
Gab_2312 Autotransporter adhesin 325.7 Outer membrane and/or extracellular 0 No ERF77433.1
Gab_2347 Outer membrane protein/protective antigen OMA87 89.3 Outer membrane 0 Yes ERF79042.1
Gab_2348 Outer membrane protein 19.8 Outer membrane 0 Yes ERF79081.1
  1. aPreviously described as GtxA in [35].
  2. bPreviously described in [24]. Gab_1164 = FlfA.
  3. cPreviously described as OmpC in [36].