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Table 1 Betanodavirus isolates used in this study for genetic and phenotypic characterization

From: In vitro study of the replication capacity of the RGNNV and the SJNNV betanodavirus genotypes and their natural reassortants in response to temperature

Isolate Genotype Host Origin Reference GenBank accession no.
283.2009 RGNNV Dicentrarchus labrax Italy [23] JN189865 JN189992
484.2.2009 SJNNV Solea senegalensis Spain [23] JN189814 JN189919
367.2.2005 RGNNV/SJNNV Dicentrarchus labrax Italy [23] JN189909 JN189936
389/I96 SJNNV/RGNNV Dicentrarchus labrax Italy [46] KF386163 KF386164