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Table 1 List of bovine immunological reagents

From: Use of “one-pot, mix-and-read” peptide-MHC class I tetramers and predictive algorithms to improve detection of cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses in cattle

Restricting BoLA class I molecule CTL Lines T. parva antigen CTL Epitope
1) 6*01301 BB007 & BV115 Tp1 214VGYPKVKEEML224
2) 6*04101 BW02 (Clones 5 & 7) Tp2 27SHEELKKLGML37
3) 2*01201 592 Tp2 49KSSHGMGKVGK59
4) BoLA-T2c Bx196 Tp2 96FAQSLVCVL104
5) BoLA-T5 BV50 Tp5 87SKADVIAKY95
6) 3*00101 Bx63 Tp8 379CGAELNHFL387
7) 1*02301 495 Tp9 67AKFPGMKKSK76
  1. The Table lists the BoLA class I molecules that were expressed in this study, the panel of CTL lines used to test p-MHC class I tetramers and their antigen and epitope specificity. The bulk CTL lines were prepared from cattle immunized with a live parasite vaccine as previously described [29]. The peptide specificity of each CTL line was confirmed by ELISpot assay (data not shown).