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Table 1 Experimental DNA vaccines and their protection in fish following experimental infection

From: Strategies and hurdles using DNA vaccines to fish

Pathogen Gene inserted Host Administration route/adjuvant Protection References
IHNV IHNV-G plus suicidal gene Rainbow trout I.m/none Yes [26]
IHNV IHNV-G; different genogroups Rainbow trout I.m/none Yes; cross-protection [27]
IHNV IHNV-G Rainbow trout Oral/PLGA No [28]
VHSV E. tarda as delivery vehicle of the vaccine Olive/Japanese flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus) I.m Yes [29]
IPNV VP2   Oral/alginate Yes [30]
IPNV VP2; Segment A of TA strain Atlantic salmon I.m No [31]
SAV E1 and E2 Atlantic salmon I.m No [32]
Megalocytivirus 86-residue VP Turbot (Scophthalmus maximus) I.m Yes [33]
Edwardsiella tarda Eta6-FliC chimeric protein Japanese flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus) I.m Yes [34]
E. tarda D15-like surface antigen Japanese flounder I.m Yes [35]
E. tarda Eta2 Japanese flounder i.m Yes [36]
Streptococcus iniae sagF, sagG and sagI Japanese flounder I.m Yes [37]
S. iniae Sia10 delivered by E. tarda Japanese flounder Oral/alginate, immersion- boosted Yes [38]
Vibrio harveyi FlaA Yellow grouper (Epinephelus awoara) I.m Yes [39]
V. harveyi DegQ or/and Vhp1 Japanese flounder I.m Yes [40]
V. alginolyticus FlaA Red snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) I.m Yes [41]
S. iniae and V. anguillarum Sia10 and/or OmpU Turbot I.m Yes, cross-protection [37]
Flavobacterium psychrophilum Hsp60, hsp70 Rainbow trout I.m No [42]
Cryptocaryon irritans iAg Orange spotted grouper (E. coioides) I.m Yes [43]
Cryptobia salmocitica Metalloprotease Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout I.m Partly [44]
Ichthyophthrius multifiliis Immunobilization antigens and cystein protease Rainbow trout I.m, gene gun and air pressure No [45]