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Table 2 List of the 20 most significant upstream regulators identified as involved in gene regulation after vaccination as determined by IPA analysis.

From: Monitoring the immune response to vaccination with an inactivated vaccine associated to bovine neonatal pancytopenia by deep sequencing transcriptome analysis in cattle

Upstream regulator Molecule type Predicted activation state1 p-value of overlap Number of target molecules in dataset
miR-30c-5p (and other miRNAs w/seed GUAAACA) mature microRNA Inhibited 1.75E-07 29
MYCN transcription regulator Inhibited 4.08E-07 52
TCR complex   1.02E-06 57
miR-155-5p (miRNAs w/seed UAAUGCU) mature microRNA Inhibited 1.97E-06 34
CD40LG cytokine Activated 2.06E-06 67
CD28 transmembrane receptor Inhibited 6.13E-06 62
mir-210 microRNA   1.58E-05 16
E2F1 transcription regulator Activated 8.88E-05 52
miR-124-3p (and other miRNAs w/seed AAGGCAC) mature microRNA Inhibited 1.23E-04 38
HOXA9 transcription regulator   1.33E-04 34
IL2 cytokine Activated 1.77E-04 58
CD3 complex Inhibited 4.26E-04 98
miR-291a-3p (and other miRNAs w/seed AAGUGCU) mature microRNA Inhibited 4.55E-04 18
SMARCC1 transcription regulator   7.17E-04 4
YWHAQ other   7.37E-04 5
SHOX transcription regulator   7.37E-04 5
TGFB1 growth factor Activated 7.99E-04 187
FSH complex   1.64E-03 60
TMBIM6 other   1.68E-03 6
miR-17-5p (and other miRNAs w/seed AAAGUGC) mature microRNA Inhibited 1.94E-03 10
  1. 1 For identification of activation or inhibition of upstream regulators, a threshold for the activation z-score calculated in the IPA analysis of |z-score| > 2 was applied.