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Table 2 Origin and phylogeography of rabies virus in Madagascar from 1984 to 2011

From: Surveillance and control of rabies in La Reunion, Mayotte, and Madagascar

Sequence ID Collection year City Host Accession N°
10515MAD_2011 2011 Antananarivo Dog KC787050
10228MAD_2009 2009 Taolagnaro Dog KC787051
4602MAD_2009 2009 Toamasina* Human KC787052
114MAD_2008 2008 Faratsiho Cattle KC787053
3085MAD_2008 2008 Ihosy Cattle KC787054
3641MAD_2008 2008 Ihosy Swine KC787055
6507MAD_2008 2008 Antsiranana Cattle KC787056
730MAD_2007 2007 Antananarivo Human KC787057
757MAD_2007 2007 Antananarivo Human KC787058
1054MAD_2007 2007 Maevatanana Dog KC787059
811MAD_2006 2006 Ambatondrazaka Cattle KC787060
913MAD_2006 2006 Maevatanana Cattle KC787061
1097MAD_2006 2006 Moramanga Cattle KC787062
1558MAD_2006 2006 Tsaratanana Cattle KC787063
1759MAD_2006 2006 Maevatanana Swine KC787064
4033MAD_2004 2004 Antananarivo Human DQ420623
98003MAD_1998 1998 Antananarivo Human KC787065
98006MAD_1998 1998 Antananarivo Human KC787066
92048MAD_1991 1991 Antananarivo Human KC787067
92047MAD_1990 1990 Antananarivo Dog U22854
86047MAD_1986 1986 Antananarivo Dog KC787068
86048MAD_1986 1986 Antananarivo Dog KC787069
86049MAD_1986 1986 Mahitsy Dog KC787070
86007MAD_1985 1985 Antananarivo Cat KC787071
86008MAD_1985 1985 Antananarivo Cat KC787072
86009MAD_1985 1985 Antananarivo Dog KC787073
86006MAD_1984 1984 Morondava Dog KC787074
  1. * = Associated with the bite of a tenrec ecaudatus (Order Afrosorocida, family Tenrecidae).