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Table 1 TMEM154 haplotype frequencies for 183 sheep.

From: Small ruminant lentivirus genetic subgroups associate with sheep TMEM154 genotypes

Haplotype Frequency cgggg-[C,-]-gcgcg cgccc-[T,A]-tttcc tccca-[C,T]-ccgcc aggag-[G,A]-acaca acaca-[G,A]-aactg aggca-[C,T]-ggaag tataa-[A,T]-ttcta accag-[TTAGAGTTTA,TTA]-tatta
   4a 14 25 33 35 44 70 82
1 0.57 R L T D K T N E
2 0.20 R L T D E T I E
3 0.22 R L T D E T N E
4 0.01 A NAb NA NA NA NA NA NA
  1. aNumbers refer to amino acid positions in reference sequence HM355886.
  2. bPredicted non-functional isomer due to a deletion allele at amino acid position 4.