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Table 1 Information for all FIP-suspected and confirmed cats from the cat shelter

From: An outbreak of feline infectious peritonitis in a Taiwanese shelter: epidemiologic and molecular evidence for horizontal transmission of a novel type II feline coronavirus

Cat no Age1 Date of enter the shelter Date of fever onset Date of death Clinical findings Necropsy findings Effusive/non-effusive
1 3m Jun. 16, 2011 Aug. 17, 2011 Sep. 01, 2011 Fever, anorexia, ascites, neurological signs   
2a 4m Aug. 06, 2011 NA2 Sep. 21, 2011 Clinical signs unavailable   
3b 3m Jul. 11, 2011 Aug. 18, 2011 Sep. 25, 2011 Fever, anorexia, weight loss, neurological signs   
4 2.5m Jun. 08, 2011 Aug. 16, 2011 Sep. 28, 2011 Fever, ascites, neurological signs   
5a 4m Aug. 06, 2011 Aug. 15, 2011 Oct. 20, 2011 Fever, pleural effusion, diarrhea   
6 7m Apr. 24, 2011 NA Oct. 22, 2011 Anorexia, weight loss, neurological signs   
7 3y6m Resident NA Oct. 27, 2011   Ascites, jaundice, granulomatous lesion in kidney, fibrinous peritonitis Effusive
8 6m Jul. 11, 2011 NA Dec. 14, 2011   Granulomatous changes in kidney, liver, lung, brain and eyes Non-effusive
9 2y Resident NA Dec. 28, 2011   Ascites, pleural effusion and pericardial effusion, granulomatous changes in kidney, liver and intestine Effusive/non-effusive
10b 3m Jul. 11, 2011 NA Nov. 05, 2011   Granulomatous changes in kidney, liver and omentum Non-effusive
11c 1y6m Resident NA Feb. 14, 2012   Ascites and pleural effusion, jaundice, fibrinous peritonitis, granulomatous changes in kidney, liver, lung and spleen. Effusive/non-effusive
12c 1y6m Resident NA Mar. 19, 2012   Jaundice, fibrinous peritonitis, granulomatous changes in thoracic and abdominal wall, kidney, liver, lung, spleen omentum, and eyes. Effusive/non-effusive
13 1y7m Resident NA Apr. 13, 2012   Jaundice, enlargement of liver and mesenteric lymph node, granulomatous changes in kidney and lung. Non-effusive
  1. 1 Age of the cats when clinical signs of FIP appeared.
  2. 2 Not available.
  3. a, b, c: Siblings.