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Figure 4

From: The IL-10 homologue encoded by cyprinid herpesvirus 3 is essential neither for viral replication in vitro nor for virulence in vivo

Figure 4

Structural analysis of the FL BAC ORF134 recombinant plasmids and derived CyHV-3 recombinant strains. The CyHV-3 FL BAC, FL BAC ORF134 Del and FL BAC ORF134 Rev plasmids and the genome of the FL BAC revertant, FL BAC revertant ORF134 Del and FL BAC revertant ORF134 Rev strains were analyzed by Sac I restriction (left panel) and further tested by southern blotting using probes corresponding to ORF55 (central panel) and ORF134 (right panel). White-outlined black arrowheads and white arrows indicate restriction fragments containing ORF55 and ORF134 loci, respectively. Marker sizes (MS) are indicated on the left.

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