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Figure 2

From: The IL-10 homologue encoded by cyprinid herpesvirus 3 is essential neither for viral replication in vitro nor for virulence in vivo

Figure 2

Determination of ORF134 kinetic class of transcription. CCB cells were infected with CyHV-3 FL strain, in absence (Untreated) or presence of CHX or PAA as described in Materials and methods. At the indicated time post-infection, expression of IE ORF3, E ORF55, L ORF78, ORF134 and carp β-actin was studied by a RT-PCR approach. On the left RT-PCR or PCR represent PCR products generated when the RT was performed or omitted from the reactions, respectively. On the right, control PCR reactions were performed using genomic DNA as template (Ctrl+) or no template (Ctrl-).

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