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Table 4 Single nucleotide substitutions in passage 10 and passage 60 of the porcine L. intracellularis isolate PHE/MN1-00

From: Comparative genome sequencing identifies a prophage-associated genomic island linked to host adaptation of Lawsonia intracellularis infections

Gene locus (Position) Description Amino acid change Substitution
   Passage 10 Passage 60  
LI0064 (86 203) Transcriptional regulator Glutamic acid Lysine Non-synonymous
(G AA) (A AA)
LI0473 (577°207) DNA methylase Lysine Glutamic acid Non-synonymous
(A AA) (G AA)
LI0532-LI0533 (651°651) Intergenic region    
LI0905 (1°129°621) DNA-directed RNA polymerase Lysine Glutamic acid Non-synonymous
(A AG) (G AG)
Plasmid C     
LIC103 (190°854) Methyl-accepting chemotaxis Cysteine Cysteine Synonymous
   (TGC) (TGT)  
  1. Bold underline letters: Single nucleotide substitution from passage 10 to passage 60.