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Table 1 Parameters of the model of BTV8 spread in midge and cattle populations

From: Seasonal and spatial heterogeneities in host and vector abundances impact the spatiotemporal spread of bluetongue

Host parameters Description Value References
b H Birth rate (per day) 6,94.10-4 a
m H Exit rate (mortality, selling, culling) (per day) b H  
1/α I Duration of viremia (days) 60 [43]
c VH Probability of transmission from vector to host 0.92 [44, 45]
Vector parameters Description Value References
c HV Probability of transmission from host to vector 0.15 [46, 47]
n Biting rate (per day) 0.25 [45]
b V Fertility rate (per day) 6.1 [45]
m V Mortality rate (per day) 1/21 [34, 45]
K(t) Carrying capacity *  
k V Density-dependence mortality rate (per day) (b V -m V )/K(t)  
h Maximum of K(t) variable  
d Duration of favourable period (days) 243  
Nb Number of vectors during the unfavourable period 100  
1/ρ E Duration of extrinsic incubation period (days) 10 [4, 45]
D Diffusion coefficient (km2/day) 1,25.10-2  
  1. * K(t) = 1 [1 ; d] (t)*[ h*sin(| π(365-t)/d|)] + 1 [d+1;365] (t)*Nb.
  2. a: agricultural statistics.