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Table 3 Reference strains used in this publication

From: A phylogenetic analysis of Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus (BVDV) isolates from six different regions of the UK and links to animal movement data

Reference strain name Type Npro& 5′UTR available? 5′UTR GenBank accession number NproGenBank accession number Reference
NADL 1a Yes M31182+ M31182+ [28]
SD1 1a Yes M96751+ M96751+ [29]
28-1 1a No# AF298061 - [10]
Osloss 1b Yes M96687+ M96687+ [30]
24-15 1b Yes AF298060 AF287280 [10]
P 1b Yes AF298070 AF287288 [10]
T 1b yes AF298072 AF287289 [10]
Bega 1c Yes AF049221+ AF049221+ Direct submission to GenBank
B666 Mogilla 1c No JQ743605 - [31]
B701 Crookwell 1c No JQ743606 - [31]
B702 Grafton 1c No JQ743607 - [31]
16-111 1d No AF298056 - [10]
F 1d Yes AF298065 AF287284 [10]
871 1d No - AF144462 [16]
721 1d No - AF144463 [16]
10-84 1e No# AF298054 - [10]
20-V661-2 1e No# AF298058 - [10]
3186V6 1e Yes AF298062 AF287282 [10]
26-V639 1e No - AF287281 [10]
J 1f Yes AF298067 AF287286 [10]
R 1f No AF298071 - [10]
W 1f Yes AF298073 AF287290 [10]
A 1g Yes AF298064 AF287283 [10]
L 1g Yes AF298069 AF287287 [10]
G 1h Yes AF298066 AF287285 [10]
KM 1h No AF298068 - [10]
23-15 1i Yes AF298059 AF287279 [10]
KS861-ncp 1J Yes AB078950+ AB078950+ [32]
Deer_GB1 1J No - U80902 [5]
M1515A 1J* No U97429 - [33]
M065B 1J* No U97409 - [33]
SuwaCp 1k* No AF117699 - [34]
Rebe 1k* No AF299317 - Direct submission to GenBank
71-16 1l^ Yes Supplied by Prof. Vilcek Supplied by Prof. Vilcek [11]
71-03 1l^ Yes Supplied by Prof. Vilcek Supplied by Prof. Vilcek [11]
71-15 1l^ Yes Supplied by Prof. Vilcek Supplied by Prof. Vilcek [11]
ZM-95 1m Yes AF526381+ AF526381+ [13]
890 2 Yes U18059+ U18059+ [35]
15-103 2 No AF298055   [10]
4-5174 2 No AF298063   [10]
  1. Reference strains used, their GenBank accession numbers and whether both 5′UTR and Npro regions are available are indicated. Where relevant, the publications originally detailing the strains are noted. #Npro typed in Vilcek et al.[10], but no sequence available in GenBank. *subtype classified by Vilcek et al.[9]. ^Sequences classified by Jackova et al.[11] and sequence information obtained directly from Professor Vilcek. +Whole genome sequence extracted from GenBank.