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Table 2 The amino acid mutations in the proteins of the 2009/H1N1 pig isolates

From: The 2009 pandemic (H1N1) viruses isolated from pigs show enhanced pathogenicity in mice

Strains PB2 PA HAc NP NA NS1
  588 70 547 103 145 193 239 34 100 344 106 248 123
CA/04a T A D D S L D G V S V N I
LN/09 T A D D S L D G V S V N I
3/10 I b V E E P L D G I S I D V
5/10 I V E E P L D S I S I D V
6/10 I V E E P I d D G I S I D V
F9/10 I V E E P I G G I L I D V
  1. aThe complete genomic sequences for the referent strain A/California/04/2009 are available in the GenBank database under accession numbers FJ966079.1-FJ966086.1. The genomic sequences of strains used in this study are in the GenBank database and the accession numbers are shown in Table 1.
  2. bItalics show the common mutations of 2009/H1N1 pig isolates compared with the human strains.
  3. cThe HA protein sequence is shown with the 17 amino acids of signaling peptide sequences at the N-terminal.
  4. dBold letters indicate the mutations between the 2009/H1N1 pig isolates.