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Table 1 2009/H1N1 Influenza viruses used in this study

From: The 2009 pandemic (H1N1) viruses isolated from pigs show enhanced pathogenicity in mice

Influenza virus strains Name in study GenBank ID Source TCID50 MLD50a
A/swine/Nanchang/3/2010 (H1N1) 3/10 JF275917-JF275924 Tracheal mucus 10-5.5 103TCID50
A/swine/Nanchang/5/2010 (H1N1) 5/10 JF275933-JF275940 Tracheal mucus 10-3.2 NCb
A/swine/Nanchang/6/2010 (H1N1) 6/10 JF275941-JF275948 Tracheal mucus 10-4.4 NC
A/swine/Nanchang/F9/2010 (H1N1) F9/10 JF275925-JF275932 Lung tissue 10-4.48 102.98TCID50
A/Liaoning /14/2009(H1N1) LN/09 KC683492-KC683499 Nasal swab 10-5.5 NC
  1. aThe 50% mouse lethal dose (MLD50) was determined by intranasally inoculating groups of ten mice with serial 10-fold dilutions of each virus in a final volume of 50 μL and calculated by the method of Reed and Muench [25].
  2. bNC indicates the MLD50 of the strains could not be counted due to low mortality or no lethality for mice.