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Table 1 Features of S. aureus bacterial strains shortlisted for stimulation of bMEC

From: Differential response of bovine mammary epithelial cells to Staphylococcus aureus or Escherichia coli agonists of the innate immune system

Strains Hemolysis phenotype Agr type Capsular type Leucotoxin titer LukS (ng/mL) Hla (μg/mL)
Newbould 305 hla+++ hlb+++ agr1 CP5 20 5 10
169.32 hla+++ hlb+++ agr2 CP8 120 50 5
628.24 hla- hlb- agr1 CP5 10 0 0.6
644.15 hla- hlb- agr1 CP5 5 0 0.6
  1. Hla Alpha hemolysin, hlb Beta hemolysin, CP Capsular polysaccharide, LukS Small component of bi-component leucotoxins. Toxin titers and concentrations were measured in 8-h culture supernatants.