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Figure 6

From: Porcine CD8αdim/-NKp46high NK cells are in a highly activated state

Figure 6

Varying mRNA expression of NK-associated markers on NKp46-defined NK-cell subsets in blood and spleen. FACS-sorted CD3-CD8α+NKp46- and CD3-CD8α+NKp46+ NK cells derived from blood and CD3-CD8α+NKp46-, CD3-CD8α+NKp46+ and CD3-CD8αdim/-NKp46high NK cells from spleen were analysed for their mRNA expression of various NK-markers by quantitative RT-PCR. Messenger-RNA expression of the NK receptors NKp46, NKp30 and NKG2D as well as the chemokine receptor CXCR3 were analysed in the different NK-cell subsets (CD8α+NKp46-: blue symbols, CD8α+NKp46+: green symbols, CD8αdim/-NKp46high: red symbols). The 2^-ΔΔCt values for each individual animal (n = 3) are shown as the fold differences relative to an internal standard (IS = 1, black dotted line). Geometric mean values of the three animals are represented by a black bar.

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