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Figure 5

From: Fluorescent tagging of VP22 in N-terminus reveals that VP22 favors Marek’s disease virus (MDV) virulence in chickens and allows morphogenesis study in MD tumor cells

Figure 5

MDV particles in rRB-1B EGFP22 induced tumor cells examined by TEM. EGFP-positive cells were enriched from the rRB-1B EGFP22-induced testis tumor (#16). A, B, C. Morphology of sorted-tumor cells presenting herpesvirus particles. D. Overview of a cell producing virions, showing different types of particles. E. Enlargement of zone 1, drawn in (D), showing two types of naked capsids (type A and C) in the nucleus near the inner nuclear membrane. F. Enlargement of zone 2, drawn in (D), showing two naked capsids (type A and C) in the cytoplasm near a mitochondrion. G, H, I. Different types of enveloped or atypical particles. G. Vacuole or an invagination in the nucleus containing primary enveloped virions. H. A cytoplasmic particle in a vesicle. I. Atypical cytoplasmic particle consisting of a B capsid surrounded with a large electron dense material and a membrane. Cy, cytoplasm; Nu, nucleus. Black triangle, type A capsid; white triangle, type B capsid; white triangle with a black outline, type C capsid.

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