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Table 1 Overview of the experimental design of pig infection experiments with influenza A Viruses

From: Replication characteristics of swine influenza viruses in precision-cut lung slices reflect the virulence properties of the viruses

Strain Subtype Abbreviation Number of pigs
swFLUAV/… Total/lung investigation*
Potsdam/1/1981 Original avH1N1° H1N1/1981 12/5
Bad Griesbach/IDT5604/2006 Recent avH1N1 H1N1/2006 12/5
Damme/IDT5673/2006 huH3N2 H3N2/2006 12/6
Bakum/1832/2000 huH1N2 H1N2/2000 12/7
  1. *the total number of pigs was available for analysis on 0 and 1 dpi; the second number corresponds to pigs that were killed for lung investigation on 1 dpi; the difference between both numbers reflects the pigs that were observed until day 3 pi; °original means isolated shortly after introduction of avian-like H1N1 (avH1N1) viruses into the Eurpean swine population; hu, human-like.