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Table 2 Parameter estimates by the MCMC method.

From: Direct contact and environmental contaminations are responsible for HEV transmission in pigs

   Parameter estimates
Parameter Definition Median 95% credibility interval
β w (d-1) Direct transmission rate 0.15 (0.03; 0.31)
β E (w) (g ge-1d-1) Within-pen Environmental transmission 2 · 10-6 (1 · 10-7; 7 · 10-6)
β E (b) (g ge-1d-1) Between-pen Environmental transmission 7 · 10-8 (5 · 10-9; 3 · 10-7)
A Shape parameter§ 5.3 (3.2; 8.7)
B Rate parameter§ 0.76 (0.48; 1.25)
δ(d-1) Clearance rate 0.33 (0.19; 0.46)
  1. β w is the direct transmission rate, defined as the mean number of newly infected pigs generated by a single infectious individual in a fully susceptible population per time unit. β E w , β E b represents the within- and between-pen transmission rates related to the environmental component, defined as the mean number of newly infected pigs per viral particle per gram of feces in the environment (see text for more details).
  2. §A and B are respectively the shape and rate parameters of the gamma distribution assumed for the latency duration in contact animals (probability density function (f Lat  (t, A, B)).