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Figure 2

From: Healthy goats naturally devoid of prion protein

Figure 2

Detection of PrP in goat brain homogenates. Sample 7, red box: the homozygous 32Stop goat, Sample 1–6 and 9: wild type goats including two heterozygous 32Stop goats (2 and 6), Sample 8: negative control, normal goat brain digested with proteinase K. MW: Molecular weight in kilodaltons. A) Modified ELISA (TeSeE and TeSeE Sheep & Goats, Bio-Rad). Each Optical Density (OD) value represents the mean ± SEM of five different measures per sample. The homozygous 32Stop goat displayed OD values in the same range as the negative control (< 0.03), and far under the normal cut off value (approximately 0.230 and 0.150 for TeSeE and TeSeE Sheep & Goats respectively). B) Western blot (TeSeE WESTERN BLOT, Bio-Rad). Note that PrP was not identified in the homozygous 32Stop goat and the negative control sample. C) Protein stain of the gel in panel B. Normal proteins are present in all samples, with the exception of sample 8, the negative control where proteins were digested by proteinase K.

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