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Table 3 An example of a scoring sheet used in a necrotic enteritis reproduction study

From: The successful experimental induction of necrotic enteritis in chickens by Clostridium perfringens: a critical review

Date and Time dd/mm/yy and am-pm Cage # or Group # as appears on the cage Number of birds in the cage / group General behaviour*: Score Comments
    0 bright and alert;  
    1 reduced spontaneous activity  
    2 socially isolated but moves when approached  
    3 pronounced lethargy, only moves when stimulated  
  1. *Actions to be taken.
  2. During experimental infection the birds will be observed every 4 h and the last observation will be made late evening around 8 pm. Birds will be examined around 2 AM, twice on day 3 and 4 of infection (approx. 12:30 AM, 4:30 AM).
  3. Birds showing scores of 1 will be head-marked with a marker pen. If the signs still persist 4 h later or if birds have or develop a score of 2 (or 3), such birds will be euthanized immediately using CO2.