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Figure 5

From: Mycoplasma synoviae induces upregulation of apoptotic genes, secretion of nitric oxide and appearance of an apoptotic phenotype in infected chicken chondrocytes

Figure 5

Ingenuity Pathway Analysis network depicting interactions between genes known to be involved in apoptosis induction. Two major pathways are shown, the death receptor (extrinsic) pathway, and mitochondria-dependent (intrinsic) pathway. Pink color of molecules indicates upregulation of genes analyzed in this study (level of upregulation after 24, 48 or 72 h of CCH exposure to M. synoviae), with darker shades of pink representing higher levels of gene upregulation. Grey color indicates no change in gene expression, whereas molecules that were not analyzed are white. Types of relationships are explained in the legend. The pathways depicted represent conserved pathways generated from knowledge published for different species. (Note that exceptions specific for avian species could be possible).

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