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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study.

From: VtaA8 and VtaA9 from Haemophilus parasuis delay phagocytosis by alveolar macrophages

  Description Reference
H. parasuis   
Nagasaki virulent reference strain, serovar 5 [22]
PC4-6P virulent field strain,serovar 12 [20]
SW114 non-virulent reference strain, serovar 3 [22]
F9 non-virulent field strain, serovar 6 [20]
E. coli   
EPI300 Phage T1-resistant Epicentre Biotechnologies
pCC1FOS inducible copy, CmR Epicentre Biotechnologies
pACYC184 low copy, CmR, TetR ATCC number 37033
pEGFP gfp, AmR Clontech
pCC1FOS-8 pCC1FOS with a 47,195 bp insert, including vtaA8 this paper
pCC1FOS-9 pCC1FOS with a 38,659 bp insert, including vtaA9 this paper
pMCH-vtaA8 vtaA8 cloned in the BamHI site of pACYC184 this paper
pMCH-vtaA9 vtaA9 cloned in the BamHI site of pACYC184 this paper
  1. Cm: Chloramphenicol.
  2. Tet: Tetracycline.
  3. Am: Ampicillin.