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Figure 5

From: Improved strategy for phylogenetic analysis of classical swine fever virus based on full-length E2 encoding sequences

Figure 5

Phylogenetic analysis of recent CSFV isolates from Lithuania. The dendrograms were constructed from the E2 fragment (top) and full-length E2 encoding sequences (bottom) of recent Lithuanian CSFV isolates and selected reference strains of genotype 2.1. Full-length E2 encoding sequences of ten Lithuanian isolates obtained during the outbreak in 2011 were deposited in GenBank [GenBank: JQ411592-JQ411601]. For the Lithuanian isolate obtained in 2009 (CSF1048, Panevezys”) the 5´NTR-E2 sequence was determined [GenBank: JQ411591] and found to be identical to a previously published full-genome sequence [GenBank: HQ148063]. Trees were rooted at strain Great Britain/1964 “Congenital Tremor” [GenBank: JQ411575]. Distances were calculated by the Kimura-2 parameter method and used to construct the trees according to the Neighbor joining method. Trees are drawn to scale as indicated by the respective scale bars (0.01 substitutions per position). Bootstrap values were generated by 1000 repetitions; only statistically significant values (≥ 70.0%) are indicated.

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