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Figure 4

From: Improved strategy for phylogenetic analysis of classical swine fever virus based on full-length E2 encoding sequences

Figure 4

Phylogenetic trees based on the E2 fragment and full-length E2 encoding sequences. Phylogenetic trees of 33 sequences of isolates from the EURL database (country, year, CSF number) and additional 22 reference sequences originating from GenBank (isolate name, accession number) were calculated by the Neighbor Joining method including bootstrap values for 1000 repetitions. Only statistically significant bootstrap values (≥ 70.0%) are indicated. Evolutionary distances between sequences were calculated by the Kimura-2 parameter method. Trees were rooted at the distinct CSFV strain Great Britain/1964 “Congenital Tremor” [GenBank: JQ411575]. Genotypes and subgenotype names are indicated besides the trees [7, 8]. Branch lengths are given as 0.01 substitutions per position according to the scale bars underneath each tree.

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