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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Construction of a Salmonella Gallinarum ghost as a novel inactivated vaccine candidate and its protective efficacy against fowl typhoid in chickens

Strains/plasmid Description References
E. coli   
Top 10 F-mcr A (mrr-hsd RMS-mcr BC) F80 lac Z M15 lac X74 rec A1 ara 139(ara-leu)7697 gal U gal K rps L (Strr) end A1 nup G Invitrogen
Salmonella Gallinarum   
JOL394 Salmonella Gallinarum, isolated from chicken This study
JOL 1277 Salmonella Gallinarum JOL394 containing pMMP99 This study
T-vector Cloning vector; pUCori AmpR Promega
pMMP99 A derivative of T-easy carrying ghost cassette This study