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Table 1 Anti-BTV antibodies used for tissue confocal microscopy

From: Involvement of the skin during bluetongue virus infection and replication in the ruminant host

Antigen Antibody* Species
Anti-NS2 (raised against bacterial expressed/purified NS2) ORAB01 polyclonal, rabbit (:1000)
(raised against bacterial expressed/purified NS2)
ORAB53 polyclonal, rabbit (1:1600)
Anti-NS2 (based on NS2 mAb[33] kindly provided by N.J.MacLachlan) ORAB268 mouse ascites (1:1000)
(raised against gel purified VP7)
ORAB36 polyclonal, mouse (1:100)
Anti-Core (raised against purified BTV core particles) ORAB06 polyclonal, guinea pig (1:1000)
  1. *All antibodies are stored in the Orbi Virus Antibody Reference (ORAB) collection of the Vector-borne-viral Diseases Programme at IAH Pirbright.