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Figure 4

From: Immunohistochemical investigation of Foxp3 expression in the intestine in healthy and diseased dogs

Figure 4

Intestinal Foxp3 expression in dogs suffering from gastrointestinal diseases. In canine IBD (age ranged from 2.00 to 7.22 years), Foxp3-positive cells of the duodenal villus were significantly decreased in cases with lymphoplasmacytic infiltration and in those predominated by eosinophilic inflammation compared to middle-aged controls (A). In dogs with spontaneous intestinal nematode infection (age ranged from 0.18 to 1.25 years), Foxp3 expression was significantly increased in the duodenal villus compared to juvenile healthy animals (B). E = IBD dominated by eosinophilic inflammation. LP = IBD characterised by lymphoplasmacytic infiltration. * = p < 0.05. ** = p < 0.01. *** = p < 0.001.

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