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Table 2 IC50 values of T-2 toxin for PAM, undifferentiated and differentiated IPEC-J2 cells, either or not infected with Salmonella Typhimurium.

From: T-2 toxin induced Salmonella Typhimurium intoxication results in decreased Salmonella numbers in the cecum contents of pigs, despite marked effects on Salmonella-host cell interactions

Cell type T-2 toxin concentration (ng/mL)
Uninfected PAM 4.3
Infected PAM 4.4
Uninfected undifferentiated IPEC-J2 cells 5.7
Infected undifferentiated IPEC-J2 cells 4.7
Uninfected differentiated IPEC-J2 cells 185
Infected differentiated IPEC-J2 cells 212.8